Coexist With the Difference

I have to say I’m tired of seeing this ignorance and hatred toward homosexuality. But it’s a sin! Marriage is supposed to be between a man and woman! God doesn’t approve of homosexuality! Marriage is a pact between a man, a woman, and God! Guess what!? You’re right! So shut up! Did you know that […]

Passion Transcendent

They say it’s the little things in life that matter. For me, the little things are the big things in my life. At least a couple of them are. Writing and music in particular. They connect me to a place beyond words, a place where I can channel. My writings are essentially trains of thought, […]

Am I Biased Towards Apple? You Bet!

You may have noticed that I frequently use Apple products as my go to comparison for mobile tech. You’re right, you’re absolutely right. Call me whatever you want, but take a second to hear me out first. Everyone is biased, even if they’re unbiased, they’re biased. It’s human nature. But there’s a reason why Apple […]