The Case of Comfortability

I’m one of those people that is always buying cases, always switching cases. Why? I love all kinds of cases for different reasons. Every time I thought I found the perfect case that I wouldn’t remove, I found the next one. There was always a better case. For better or worse. It’s not exactly a cheap habit when cases range from $20 and on. I would usually be buying the $40-$130 cases as well. It’s just what I did, it was normal. It was normal for me to have 10-20 cases for any phone I had. So you may not believe me when I say I found the next best case. The case I won’t change, the perfect case. It’s not a new case, just a case I never thought I would buy.

However I did buy it. Despite the material it’s made of and what it’s known for. I finally decided to pick up an Apple silicone case. Much to my surprise, it doesn’t stick to the inside of my jeans pulling out gum wrappers from elementary school with it. On top of that, it’s comfortable. More than that, it’s the most comfortable case I’ve ever used or bought. Every time I think about changing cases I cringe. Every other case in search of protectiveness is always so stiff, so hard…so plastic. Or leather, and leather has its own issues. Leather is either too stiff at first and takes a good long while to break in, even more so on a phone case. Or it’s a fake leather and it feels like it. The Apple silicone case though is soft. That’s the only way I can describe it, soft…and comfortable.

I only wish someone would make a more protective case that is just as comfortable. Something a little more protective, I don’t see it happening anytime soon though. So in the meantime I will continue using the most comfortable case I can find, and it just happens to be thin and made of silicone. Of course I’ll still use a screen protector for some added protection, and I don’t think Rhino Shield can be beaten in that respect. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.


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