The State of Contentment

Moore’s Law: The number of transistors on an integrated board has doubled every year since the integrated board was invented and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Gordon Moore saw that the rate of advancement in the technological world was not slowing down and would not for some time. Now, the rate of advancement is expected by the mainstream, and to some it’s still not fast enough. I have an almost hypocritical love hate relationship with that idea. The problem being is people going on and on about the next big thing, and when it gets here, it’s forced into the realm of obsolescence. It’s not good enough. That’s where I draw the line. On the flip side, there are people content with what’s available wondering what the point of upgrading is. I also draw the line there. The state of contentment is the death of advancement. We must learn to be okay with what is currently available while still applying the pressure of advancement.

We also live in the world of a technological oligopoly. The tech industry is ruled by Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google. Microsoft dominates the personal computing space, Google dominates the behind the scenes market, and Samsung using Google software, along with Apple, dominate the mobile phone market. Apple also dominates all around, taking things in the rise of their advancement and making them mainstream. That also has to do with the media, though that’s another topic altogether. There are new markets on the rise, virtual reality being one and Samsung is already getting neck deep in those waters. Electric cars is another, and Google is working hard there and it’s rumored Apple is as well. Now there are suitable surrogates to the oligopoly. These companies are the fringe oligopoly, which include companies like Motorola, LG, and HTC. They are still around, still making good devices, but are still behind the driving oligopoly.

This is another problem, as the fringe oligopoly has a hard time making headway where the driving oligopoly is already established. HTC has a found a way to stay within relevance in the virtual reality market making one of the best current virtual reality devices. This is a problem because the general lack of competition in the mainstream market stifles advancement. This also leads to companies being bought for the sole purpose of taking patents and using them for more market share. Technology isn’t advancing at the rate of the people, it’s advancing at the rate of the market only advancing faster than the market if it creates a new market and new market share. True advancement will come again will technology is advancing for the purpose of advancing technology rather than advancing pay checks and bonuses. It all rests with the people, both in the companies and the buyers, because the state of contentment is the death of advancement.


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