Apple Sets the Bar Again

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Apple fanboy, though I know many will say I am. Yes, I have an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and MacBook Pro, that’s only because I enjoy Apple products and the user interfaces. I am a lover of all tech though, and yes I pre ordered an iPhone 7 […]

The Case of Comfortability

I’m one of those people that is always buying cases, always switching cases. Why? I love all kinds of cases for different reasons. Every time I thought I found the perfect case that I wouldn’t remove, I found the next one. There was always a better case. For better or worse. It’s not exactly a […]

The State of Contentment

Moore’s Law: The number of transistors on an integrated board has doubled every year since the integrated board was invented and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Gordon Moore saw that the rate of advancement in the technological world was not slowing down and would not for some time. Now, the rate […]

From Good to Greed

From good to greed, or why I left Evernote behind. Back when I first got a smartphone and I was still learning about them, I decided since I was on a Blackberry, it would be nice to write my lyrics on my phone. For a while I used the standard note apps on my phones, […]


The World It was raining, like it always had for the last year. Ten years of near constant drought had become a year of near constant rain. Everyone was tired of it already. A couple storms a month is fine, but rain five to six days a week is little much. The scientists thought they […]

The Redundant Prefix

Smartphones have been around for quite a few years now. Longer than most people think, I can’t even say I know when they first came about. However, I do know I only hear the term smartphone when it comes to advertising and blogging. When I talk to my friends I never say, did you hear […]

A New Age

I read an article recently that stated that due to the amount of news readily available at our fingertips everyday we should start skimming stories to read more of them in the same limited time that we always had available. I disagree with this viewpoint, wholeheartedly. The problem with skimming is that you’re going to […]